Mar 12, 2014

eBuddy For Series 40v2

Chating application for you, in priority to the Java jar series 40v2. And has a 128x128 LCD screen size, may be applied on a larger screen, Sepeeti: screen size of 176, 240 or 360, this will probably result in a small display. Because, it is the application to work optimally in Lcd screen size 128x 128.
You, who want to try this application can be downloaded here.

Name: eBuddy For Series 40v2
Format: Jar
Capacity: 250kb

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posted by : Dee gem
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Mar 6, 2014

Send Fax

Maybe this is one application that you need to Try, without requiring equipment Your fax machine can send a letter or any document to a fax machine with an easy goal.
But, if it can work or not .... we have not tried this java application. From the name of the application, this is an application to send faxes via Mobile Java.
For those who are curious and in case it is important, you can get the application here.

Name: SendFax
Format: JAR
Capacity: 6kb

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Rainbow SMS

Additional applications can be for your java mobile applications, is a SMS application. You can install and activate it :) SMS.
The advantages of this application, you can send an SMS with the font color. Because, so far only the was the one who can do it.
The disadvantage, this application will work well if both users: The sender and receiver use the application.
For those of you who want to try this application, can Download here.

Name: SMS Rainbow SMS
Format: JAR
Capacity: 200kb

posted by : Dee gem
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J2ME Web Cam

Applications CAM for java, you can try the download by clicking here. However, it seems the only application for Java J2me.
However, there is no harm if you try this in CAM applications such as Mobile Java: Java MIDP version of the OS, if you have the phone system is a Java MIDP Jar. Because, J2me and MIDP is equally OS java.

Name: J2ME Web Cam
Format: Jar
Capacity: 30 Kb

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Mar 1, 2014

Morse Code For Siemens

Morse Code For Siemens, we do not know whether this application or just a picture. In addition, we also do not install this jar file. However, we found on the internet while browsing on course in the Google search engine.
Our point, just wanted to share that might just curious and want to learn about Morse Code. Of the file name, it looks like it is only for Siemens mobile Morse code.
You are curious, can either download the java file here. Learn, and become more informed.

Name: Morse Code For Siemens
Format: jar java
capacity: 6kb

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