Mar 6, 2014

Send Fax

Maybe this is one application that you need to Try, without requiring equipment Your fax machine can send a letter or any document to a fax machine with an easy goal.
But, if it can work or not .... we have not tried this java application. From the name of the application, this is an application to send faxes via Mobile Java.
For those who are curious and in case it is important, you can get the application here.

Name: SendFax
Format: JAR
Capacity: 6kb

Aplikation Send Fax .jar, support for all kinds and types of phones that have or java platform java format. Can the get and download for free at
is, the page or site commonly used applications and friendly. The name apikation is Send Fax .jar for Java phones
posted by : Dee gem
Java Application Updated at: 6:54 AM

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