Jan 15, 2010

Q-Secure Data

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For those of you who like a collection of personal data, which may be helpful to think of the past are ever going through. However, this typically is personal, and you also do not want data or your fondest memories erased. This application, will protect from it. 

These applications, to lock all data, both images, video, text and other sensitive applications considered only give you important.You Password. if there are other people who want to see or open, even erase, the person must open the password that you created earlier. Q-SecureData. jar Is safe, your data from the hands of ignorant. Good luck.

Aplikation Q-Secure Data .jar, support for all kinds and types of phones that have or java platform java format. Can the get and download for free at http://appl-jar.blogspot.com/2010/01/q-secure-data.html
is, the page or site commonly used applications and friendly. The name apikation is Q-Secure Data .jar for Java phones
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